Wire & tubing.

Candor represents Condat Lubricants, a world-leading supplier and manufacturer of products developed for wire and tubing drawing and forming.

Vicafil and Steelskin are two product names for this market.

  • Steel with low, medium and high carbon treatment
  • Stainless steel alloys
  • Copper, aluminium and their respective alloys

Candor’s product portfolio comprises:

Candor’s product portfolio for wire:

  • Alkaline and acid cleaners.
  • Degreasers for ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Processes for electroless copper on wire, coppersalt KFS or liquid copper KFS. These products can be used with in-line equipment or when coating a whole ring (so-called copper pickling).
  • Inhibitors for electroless copper products.
  • Electrolytic in-line plating process for wire. High demand products for metal deposition speed such as nickel, copper, tin, zinc etc.

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Sales Director: Products, General Surface Treatment Industry

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