Welcome to Candor.

Candor is a supplier of specialist chemicals, metals and equipment for the surface treatment, metal working and electronics industry.

Candor developes and manufactures plants for the continuous plating of wire and strip, conventional electroplating and water purification. 

The Candor Group belongs to Industrigruppen Lotorp AB and has its production facilities and head office based in Norrköping, Sweden. Candor has subsidiaries in Scandinavia and distributors/agents in Europe, Asia and the USA.



Candor has received a new contract for delivery of three high speed copper coating plants for welding wires to a Korean welding wire manufacturer for delivery to the Malaysian factory. The copper lines are based on the latest development from Candor named COPPERJET with special high speed coating technology. 

New solder from Balver&Zinn, OT2

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